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Are you tired of the old way coaching is done?


Have you been looking for something new and cutting edge?


Are you ready for a program that works at the highest levels of effectiveness in coaching?


Then this Certified High Performance Coaching Program is for you.


What makes it different than the other coaching out there?


It’s structured to move you ahead.


I’m interested in outcomes and what you want to achieve but I have a bigger game plan for you too because there are days and weeks when you get on a coaching call and you don’t really have anything new to share (raise your virtual hand if you know what I’m talking about) You’re feeling like, “Yup, still working on it…”


With this structured program, no matter what your goals are, each session there’s a curriculum in which I’ll ask you questions to help you grow, advance and move towards high performance.


So every time we get on the call you are moved forward. No matter what’s going on in your world and no matter if you’re having as much momentum at that moment as you'd like. I’ll lead you and pull you forward.


I’ll keep you on track. Keep you moving forward. Keep you accountable and aligned.


If you're after:


Living a life of


  • Greater Abundance

  • Greater Fulfillment

  • Aliveness

  • Joy

  • Satisfaction

  • & Magic.


If you want to be a real high performer and achieve at the top levels you need a coach who has a plan for you, who knows how to work with you to lift your life in a holistic way, not just one action item at at time.


In Each Session:


I’ll challenge you to rise to your highest self, to re-prioritize, to rise above the noise, distractions and the negativity. I know you are already doing great and when in that position few people will challenge you to be better.


I’ll keep you on a timeline of growth. To accelerate you need someone to challenge you at an accelerated pace. You’re looking at her.


Without this accelerated challenge,  you’ll do it when it’s easy for you, when it’s convenient for you (don’t feel bad, it’s human nature). You’ll prioritize it as ease over impact. Suddenly days and weeks go by and that big dream you had got left by the wayside all because no one challenged you.


I’ll be that outside party that’ll challenge you to strive for the next level.


You don’t have to go at it alone.


It’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when we start to reach a certain level of success~ often we feel very lonely. We wish we had someone who understood, someone we could talk through things with, brainstorm with. To share our private internal stuff with. The complicated thinking, the doubts, the insecurities, and the frustrations that we keep hidden away.


Trying so hard to achieve without a professional to talk it through with, to brainstorm, reflect at that level that gets more creativity from you, accomplishing things can be very lonely.


If you are trying to achieve at the next level, let’s face it, sometimes you are doing it alone. You’re solo. Everyone around you thinks you’re nuts and often you feel like you have nobody to share with. Be real with.


I’m that person for you. My job is not to be your friend, but in the process it starts to feel like that.


Each week you are going to get that jolt, that perspective, that aha moment, that clarity, that path to feeling like yourself again.


You’ll have somebody who’ll give you remarkable energy every single week. To help you reignite your own clarity and confidence to move forward!


Challenge. Progress. Breakthroughs & Ahas. That’s what I’ll give you.


You can expect 12 weeks of:


  • Weekly One on One coaching calls full of:
    • Curriculum.
    • Structure.
    • Training.


  • Weekly worksheets to integrate high performance into your life.


  • PLUS Unlimited email support


You’ll transform your life.


You’ll come out a different person more able to achieve at that next level and sustain it.


You’ll be a high performer with the heightened and sustained ability to be in flow, to engage, to feel joy and to achieve all the things you deserve.


And a Special Limited Time Bonus

for the next person who enrols,  you’ll receive a free ticket to my mentor, Brendon Bruchard’s, High Performance Academy LIVE Event in San Diego in September!!!


How Do I Make This All Happen?


The 12 Week Session Outline:


  • Week 1: High Performance Focal Points ~ Identify your focus, level of agency and habits


  • Week 2: Clarity ~ Gain immediate, behavioural- driven clarity & intentionality.


  • Week 3: Energy ~ Gain immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate each day.


  • Week 4: Courage ~ Gain confidence, decisiveness and momenteum.


  • Week 5: Productivity ~ Become immediately more effective and productive everyday.


  • Week 6: Influence ~ Be more influential in your relationships and busniess.


  • Week 7: Physchology Mastery ~ Develop a free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mind.


  • Week 8: Physiology Mastery ~ Activate your physiology in a way that makes you feel stronger and more vibrant.


  • Week 9: Productivity Mastery ~ Revisit your productivity levels and learn strategies to cut out distracting activities.


  • Week 10: Persuasion Mastery ~ Target areas you can be more persuasive in.


  • Week 11: Purpose Mastery ~ Live and lead with purpose.


  • Week 12: Commitment to High Performance ~ Review progress and make commitments for change



Want to explore working together? 

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Looking forward to connecting with you!

Certified High Performance Coach™


with Cheryl Paige

Cheryl Paige

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