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Upcoming Seminar: Skills & Strategies For Sensitive Souls


When: Monday March 26, 2018

Where: 971 Camosun Crescent Kamloops, BC

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Tickets: $25


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*Please pre-register for these seminars as seating is limited*

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Are you ready to break free from what's holding you back from having the life you dream of?










Monday, March 26th

Skills & Strategies For Sensitive Souls


Are you a sensitive soul?


Do you feel like the energy is being sucked out of you?


Are your emotions bubbling over at times?


If so, this evening is perfect for you.


If you've ever heard, "You're too sensitive or you're so emotional." I can completely relate. I can't count the number of times I was told that in my life. For years (until honestly, I hit my early 30’s) I believed that my sensitivity and emotions were my BIGGEST WEAKNESSES. 


Then I DISCOVERED that I’m an EMPATH and it all made perfect sense. Our sensitivity and emotional awareness are actually our GREATEST STRENGTHS. They are really our superpowers! Although at times they feel like a curse because we are often left feeling depleted.  


In this session, I'm sharing all of my tips, strategies and tools that I've learned to keep ourselves healthy and protect our sensitive souls so we can shine our light, feel energized and live our lives without feeling depleted and exhausted.



Are you ready to learn to embrace

& manage your energy and emotions?





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Are you open and willing to learn, grow and evolve? (that's what these seminars are all about!)


Would you like to:

 Feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your life?

 Stop waiting for someone or something else to make you happy and learn how you can do that for yourself?

 Start feeling like you are enough and that what you do is valuable and matters?

 Build more confidence?

 Learn to ask for what you need?

 Feel less stressed & overwhelmend?



Do you know that:

You want to take your life to the next level.

You have hit a wall in your life and you feel like something has to change.

You have made the decision that you are ready to make a change and are now looking for someone to show you how.

You have a genuine desire to find yourself and unleash your magnificence.

You want to get rid of that out of control feeling that has taken over your life.

You want to stop feeling alone, resentful, angry, sad, or exhausted.



If you answered yes to any of the above, these seminars can help you make your wishes a reality!



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With each story and lesson, Cheryl will guide you to create a dream vision for your life, so you can experience more of what we long for most: happiness, joy and peace.


These lessons will help you to reclaim your power so you can take the driver's seat of your life back and move towards your dream life vision.


You'll learn where you're unconsciously blocking the magnificence that lies within you and how to unleash it.


Cheryl will guide you through building your self love and confidence while you reconnect to your greatest strengths, gifts and talents.


By the end of the seminar you'll have the tools and strategies to live a life of empowerment as you discover exactly how to have the life you desire.






During these seminars Cheryl guides you through lessons of empowerment and integrates these lessons through personal exercises, group discussions and learning from each other's stories.


The intention of these seminars is to bring together a group of women who are:

Striving to live a life where they feel empowered

Looking for a place to learn new tools and skills that they can use in their lives

Ready to feel more happiness, joy and peace in their days




These seminars are a place where we:

 Come together to support each other 

 Love, grow and evolve together

A whole day or evening where we get to concentrate solely on ourselves

And connect with like minded women 



 In these interactive seminars, Cheryl leads you through a journey to empowerment by teaching lessons, sharing stories and giving you a chance to integrate the lessons through discussion and exercises. 


A Note From Cheryl

"I'm looking forward to sharing with you all that you need to know to start living a life where you are happy, confident, and feeling like you are in the driver's seat! These seminars will teach you step-by-step how to reclaim your power and reconnect with yourself so you will be living a life where you feel AMAZING starting immediately

This is an invitation from my heart to yours to join us to begin/continue Creating The Life You Dream Of. 

Feel free to invite others that may be interested:) Make a girl's day of it with your bff, mom, sister, daughter, or co-worker or come on your own and meet some new like minded women on a journey to empowerment. Looking forward to seeing you there."

Beaming you light, love & happiness, 
Cheryl xoxoxo



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Meet Create The Life You Dream Of Founder & Seminar Host Cheryl Paige



I will guide you on your journey to feeling amazing in your life. 

I've been there!

I've felt completely and totally lost, overwhelmed, drained and hopeless and eventually those feelings catapulted me onto a journey of taking charge of my life and creating the life I had only dreamed of.

Since then, my life has completely changed.

I can truly say I'm happy and I'm living a life that fills my heart with joy and my entire being with excitement. I can hear myself again and now I'm listening with open ears. I'm following my spirit as she has awoken, she is on fire and does it ever feel good! I have learned to become the author of my story and to no longer depend on someone or something to make me happy.



And now I'm sharing all my lessons & insights in these one of a kind seminars!



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Can you imagine jumping out of bed in the morning with a sense of excitement and love for your Amazing life?

It’s possible!




"Before I started the program I was miserable, lost, confused, and exhausted with myself and life . When Cheryl spoke I couldn’t believe that this was a common feeling for women, I had felt so ashamed and isolated by my feelings of unhappiness, and misery with myself. No matter how many books or blogs I read I was still spiraling out of control. I knew I needed help, but my sense of pride and being a very private person kept me from reaching out for help.  


Cheryl and her guidance changed my life in a few short weeks, I can’t believe it, after all those years of suffering!


I can truly and happily say that “I'm back.” I've found a sense of calmness and stillness in my life. I am back to being my happy, genuine self with a new sense of self confidence. My relationships with my husband, children and family and friends are healthier and stronger than ever. I have a new sense of gratitude in life , and I like where my life is taking me. The tools Cheryl has given me get me through each day good and bad.


I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Cheryl for being there and helping me find myself again . From the bottom of my heart Cheryl thank you , thank you, thank you. I highly and gladly recommend Cheryl and her programs to anyone that is considering seeking guidance . You will wish you had done it sooner."

Shivonne Miller


    "Cheryl's style was so inviting and open. Through her guidance I quickly started to control my negative feelings about myself. I worked on my temper and have learned to accept change (which I found was very difficult for me to do).

I use the techniques that Cheryl has taught me to change the way I approach the world, my world, and I feel more in control now then I have for the last year!

I’ve learned that we cannot change the way we are, no matter how much we think it’s needed.  I have found myself again, learned to speak to my inner child, and banished the negative thoughts that have been plaguing my sleepless nights.

Through the program I have learned to identify my triggers and work through them rather than letting them control me.  The tools and guidance that I have received from Create The Life You Dream Of  has uplifted me more than I could have hoped for! ”

Shelly Thompson




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Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

We wholeheartedly believe in these seminars and know that they are packed full of amazing value. We  want you to be extremely happy and satisfied with your investment and we're confident that with all the golden nuggets, experience and research we've designed these seminars around you will be, but if you're not:

We'll give you your money back. Simple as that.

Just send us a quick email at to let us know you are not satisfied by the end of the week following the seminar, and we'll refund your investment. 


More of What People Are Saying:

"When I began the program with Cheryl, I had an open mind and a strong desire to feel happier, less stressed, and more balanced. I had been trying to fix “something” that just didn’t seem right but couldn’t figure out what exactly needed fixing or how to begin. That’s where the step-by-step process really stood out.  

Create The Life You Dream Of helped me connect with myself so that I could begin an incredible journey to re-discover who I am, what I love and value and achieve a sense of balance and fulfillment that I never thought was possible.  By helping me navigate through the process of really listening to and accepting my inner self and becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings. The guidance I received through the process enabled me to feel a deep sense of peace.

Life is still tough; I still have stress and find myself stretched and pulled in too many directions, but the program and Cheryl’s support have given me the skills I need to manage, adjust and listen so that I can deal with life in a much more positive and healthy way.  I wish I’d done this years ago; I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and because I am able to appreciate and respect myself more, I see this mirrored in the behaviors of people around me.   The effects of thinking positive and facing life with the tools to find happiness are incredible.  Honestly, it’s contagious; people who know me have really noticed a change and now they want to know my secret.

Cheryl, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jennifer Jenkins




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