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Does this sound all too familiar?


You started your business from scratch. When you did, you didn't even know where to begin, but you quickly figured it all out.


You've always been fully committed and 100% in, so you do whatever it takes to learn the knowledge and skills you need to continue to build your business.


You know exactly what you need to do with structures and systems and you're doing them.


But you've hit this plateau where you've become stuck.


You can't seem to move past it. No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, you're still here.



Yearning to go to the next level.




Hi, I'm Cheryl Paige, your guide to Business Success.


I help female entrepreneurs get to the next level by finding alignment and connecting with their inner wisdom. Then we sprinkle mindset mastery & high performance strategy on top for extra oomph. 


I believe that we were meant to be the captains of our own destinies and that often means getting out of our own way.


You've learned the systems, you have the skills but you've hit a ceiling in your business you can't seem to break through.


It's one of 3 things, and that's where I come in. You don't need to learn more marketing techniques, or get your copy and website revamped. You need to look within.


What's holding you back from reaching that next level, and deep down you know this already, is your mindsetyour lack of energy, your lack of productivity, and the stuck and congested energy of limiting beliefs and old stories you tell yourself.


These are the areas I help you conquer and master.  


Nobody knows your business like you. And nobody knows you like you. That’s why the best way forward is YOUR way forward. I’m here to remind you how to find the answers within yourself, how to identify and overcome those internal limits that are holding you back and how to increase your energy and productivity, so you can grow your business and love your life xoxo


Are you ready to get out of your own way and would like help, guidance & support please feel free to book a free discovery call to explore working together. 


What Clients Are Saying



Cheryl strikes a wonderful balance between allowing natural conversation to flow, bringing up important issues with the task at hand-which is to be coached toward alignment of soul and business.

I have always loved the saying, "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life," and this concept of alignment really resonates with the value of loving your work.

Cheryl was able to help me shine a light on the negative emotions I am having connected to business success and gave me an actionable plan to begin to transform my relationship with my goals.

I am looking forward to doing these easy-to-implement tasks daily and seeing the change that comes from them.

I feel much more prepared to head into 2016, working toward my goals with a right mindset. She is a bright and calming force for my life!

Zoe Cline Fitness



Before I started working with Cheryl, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to re-create in my own coaching practice however was unsure how to get there.

Since our work together, Cheryl has helped me to understand more the value of what I offer based on my client feedback and become more bold in honouring what is important to me in creating my coaching practice in alignment with the life I want to lead. 

I appreciate Cheryl's combination of challenge and support.

In addition, Cheryl's Program is very engaging with  useful hints and tips along the way.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Cheryl's Business Coaching Program.

Jane Adshead-Grant -  Executive & Mentor Coach



Cheryl has this amazing power to instantaneously analyze and lend guidance.

She helped me to amplify and be inspired by the way I think about my life.

The jumbled-up ideas, subliminal unhelpful self-talk, and my hopes and dreams for the future of my life and business were all quickly clarified with her assistance.

She has given me the list of affirmations that tune into what will be most serving as I move forward.

I have complete belief in the positive outcome in the coming year.

I never realized how crucial a coach would be for my immediate future and life until I worked with Cheryl.

She is so helpful, it’s beyond words. Cheryl Paige is the light that helps you realize that you are a diamond!

Sandra Espinoza - Designing Sewist



I want to give a shout-out to Cheryl! I had a great business alignment session with her. And then some great things happened.

I've invested in my business. In lots of online systems. In lots of online courses. In one-off sessions with coaches. But I'd never invested in working with a 1:1 coach longer term until I spoke with Cheryl.

She really modeled what I needed. I realized that I had so much fear around investing. She really led me through the process, and presented an option that quieted the fear.

I couldn't refuse, so I committed! I actually look to do the same in my programs - make the offers so reasonable people don't have to refuse. Because I really want to help them brand their heart-centered business authentically!

Within minutes of getting off the call someone contacted me wanting to enroll in the VIP option in my upcoming "Adventures in Authentic Branding Course."

The Universe honors your action.

Sarah Cohn - Brand Identity Coach




I had an Alignment Coaching Session with Cheryl Paige yesterday. I highly recommend this to everyone. By the end of the 30 minute session I went from a feeling of lack/tightening of my heart to a feeling of goosebumps and a circular flow all throughout my body!

Best way to describe it was started out stuck, now in the flow.

Cheryl also provided a follow up email with tips on how to get back to this feeling of flow whenever I start to revert to the feeling of lack. Plus a series of items to do in the morning to start the day off right!

Since the session (just 24 hours ago) Many doors have been opened up (very large doors) that will expand my business and also a few things in my personal life have taken a dramatic twist for the better!.

She has a gift. Highly Recommended!

Thanks Cheryl!

Madena Parsley - CEO/Founder Casa Sana


with Cheryl Paige

Cheryl Paige

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